About Us

‘’It's tough to impress your daughter’’ said the shopkeeper to my mom while packing the clothes in a bag that I had been able to finalize after some horrendous three hours. For the shopkeeper, it was just another day with another customer but little did he understood. For me, it was how I saw the world.

I had always been obsessed with fashion. For me, it has always been a form of art through which I could portray my feelings to the world. The source of this passion traces back to my mother, the most beautiful woman I ever laid my eyes upon. I witnessed how she learned to carry herself back home in a small town of India even though nobody had any idea what fashion was back then. Subconsciously I started following her, from hair to my lipstick to my tops to my shoes. The passion for perfection took over, and this ultimately shaped my entire life.

I started off with engineering but decided to forfeit it and shifted to fashion. It was a tough journey with its battles. I was lucky enough to get the chance to work alongside some of the most prominent names in the industry, and after completing my master's degree, I relocated to Dubai, the hub of luxury fashion. However, during this entire journey, I felt that I had been unable to showcase to the people how I saw the world through my own eyes. So eventually, after being in the industry for 12 years, I decided to launch RusHush with a simple objective. To show people how I saw the beauty of the world through the prism of my own eyes.



Rasika Khode